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Realising the Vision | Open Air Business

Edward Busby shares his approach to creating a glampsite from the bare earth up

When in the early fledgeling stage of setting up a glamping site on your land it is a good idea to take a step-by-step, methodical approach. Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming starting out on projects, so if you can break it down into a six-point process you will have somewhere to start and, most importantly, somewhere to finish. However, don’t get bogged down; a new venture is exciting and fun, and so is the business.

If I were to list that process, it would be in this order:

  1. Appraising a piece of land
  2. Establishing a philosophy and design
  3. The planning and funding process
  4. Landscaping, earthworks and services
  5. The build/commission of accommodation
  6. Use of media and marketing

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Crown and Canopy - UK Glamping Industry Specialists

Landscaping for Glampsites | Open Air Business

Describe the importance of landscape design for glampsites

Landscape design can have a large impact on a glamping site as the surroundings play a key role in client experience. Clients come to experience the countryside and nature, and landscape design gives you the opportunity to enhance the natural environment around them.

In an ideal scenario, the natural landscape and setting would not need any work at all, after all we are trying to get away from man-made and manicured surroundings. These spots, however, can be hard to find and sometimes it’s difficult to get planning permission on them. If the surroundings are a little sparse, tame or visible, this is where landscape design can be invaluable.

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