The Octagon Treehouse

About the project

This project was commissioned by a client in rural Oxfordshire looking to diversify on the family farm into the world of glamping. The farm had a mix of extensive pasture and indigenous woodland with pleasant and rolling quintessential views across the farmland.

The chosen site for the treehouse was on the edge of the woodland overlooking the pasture. The client had chosen a beautiful old Oak tree to work with, it was at least 85-100 years old and was well established with a healthy canopy. Our partners have a background in tree surgery and forest management so we could see that the tree was healthy and in a sheltered location.

Taking the age of the tree into account, we wanted the treehouse to look and feel like a full treehouse rather than a tree through the deck but we did not want to harm or compromise the tree in any way. The guest experience is also key to the success of a treehouse so we wanted to make sure that wherever you were standing in or around the structure you could see the tree. We made the trunk the focal point with the wrap-around staircase and then once inside the structure, glazed panels were set into the walls so you could see the trunk and crown of the tree whilst inside.

Project Details
Type Treehouse
Size 00 Acres
Location Oxfordshire / United Kingdom
Scope Consultancy / Design