Old Shop Cabin

About the project

This development is situated just outside the beautiful Wye-Valley AONB right on the border of Monmouth and Herefordshire. The land has far-reaching natural views out towards the southwest overlooking the impressive Black Mountain range just into Wales. The site is predominantly covered in trees and is a former stone quarry turned woodland. The site area has great elevation overlooking the valley below and far beyond so it was crucial that the cabin harnessed these views.

The structure is entirely clad in timber with a green roof so it will be camouflaged in the indigenous woodland. The orientation of the cabin is set towards the expansive views over the southwest and the face ends of the building are entirely glazed to give you the full panoramic experience whilst inside form the luxury bathtub or dining table.

A pre-planning application was formed and submitted along with the designs and following this, a full application was compiled. As the site was in a woodland environment, a full tree assessment and report had to form part of the application along with a topographical survey to establish root protection areas for the trees close by to the structure. This, along with concrete-less foundations would ensure no trees were harmed by the development and the least impact on the ground and surrounding environment were created by the cabin.

Project Details
Type Cabin
Size 6 Acres
Location Monmouthshire / United Kingdom
Scope Consultancy / Design / Interior Design / Pre-planning / Full Planning