Dewsall Court Treehouse

About the project

This inspiring treehouse was a fantastic project for Dewsall Court, a prestigious wedding venue in rural Herefordshire. The treehouse has been designed as a treetop hangout for guests as well as a structure to host bands on the lower deck and performers in the top nest.

The treehouse is set in the extended court gardens overlooking the surrounding fields, gardens, and stream way that runs through the property. The owners wanted to create something unique that could possibly even be built upon and extended in the future.

We created the concept of the treehouse with the clients and then along with a structural engineer, came up with the load-bearing makeup and framework. We custom designed and fabricated the treehouse bolts and hardware so we could fix into the tree trunk in a way that was extremely stable and strong but more importantly without harming the tree.

All of the timber for the project was sourced in Herefordshire and milled by ourselves at our workshops before being taken to the site and constructed and the nest materials were harvested from the local Dutchy estate.

Project Details
Type Treehouse
Size 12 Acres
Location Herefordshire / United Kingdom
Scope Consultancy / Design & Build