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Eco-Hotel Investment Summit January 2021

Crown & Canopy were invited to speak at the online Eco-Hotel Investment Summit in January 2021. An exciting two-day event of talks and networking for funders and investors in the ecological tourism sector.

Edward Busby (Co-founder & Partner at Crown & Canopy) joined a panel with Emma Gavala (Founder & Lead Consultant at Gavala & Co.) and Lars Schafer (Managing Partner at Glamping Advisors), hosted by Eden Flaherty (Partner at Glamping Advisors), to discuss mature and emerging markets and the future potential for investments in European projects. It was a great discussion and interesting to share different perspectives from the UK and Europe. The talk covered the current investment climate in the UK and European countries, the impacts on tourism and travel with regards to Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic and how policy and legislation are impacting development.

The talk is available to view online.