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Create an Inspirational Outdoor Space | International Glamping Business

By Bill Goddard, Designer builder Crown and Canopy – makers of bespoke retreats and glamping sites

A large part of the appeal of Glamping is spending time out in the environments in which the accommodation you’re staying in sits, actually outside.. in it. With this in mind, the accommodation itself is, of course, important; it has the ability to capture the imagination of the guests but also so is the space around the site.

Fire pits, walkways, outdoor seating areas, even outdoor kitchens and clay bread ovens. This is a good opportunity for the owner of the site to add their own influence and taste with a bit of DIY building of their own. As the owner is going to know the land better than anyone they are in the perfect position to make the most out of the space and what has to offer. Leading the guests off through the woodland with winding pathways or picking the best spot to create a rustic seat to make the most of the perfect view.

Here are a few examples of simple ideas to make your outdoor space a bit more interesting:

The approach to any site is the guests’ first impression of their new temporary home so make it special with some winding pathways for them to get lost down. Wood chippings from a local tree surgeon is a good way to keep paths mud-free and looking fresh.

Sitting around the fire is one of the most elemental and wonderfully simple things that any of us can do, it is part of the appeal of this type of ‘back to nature’ holiday. So make a fire pit and include some rustic log seats or go wild with your tool kit and knock something up that they will remember, your imagination is the limit.

Try making a homemade clay bread/ pizza oven, like this one of Rooted Structures. A relatively simple thing to build with inexpensive materials which will offer the guests a chance to cook outside and have a real taste of something different.

Why not try creating an outdoor kitchen for guests to prepare food, This can be as simple or complicated as your skills set allows but is a great addition and again will allow them to try something a little different.

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Create an Inspirational Outdoor Space